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Re-Elect Matt Aitken District One - November 6th, 2012

Commissioner Matt Aitken has lived in Augusta for nearly 50 years. He knows what the people of our district want, because he speaks with them every day. He understands their needs and concerns for our community. He listens to their dreams for our town, and he wants to make those dreams a reality. Matt has already accomplished many of his goals for District One, and he wants to continue to make downtown Augusta a safer and more beautiful town than it is today.

Since taking office, Commissioner Aitken has included his fellow residents of District One in the process of helping Augusta reach its full potential. He shares your vision for a safer, more beautiful Augusta, and he knows with your support that our town can be better. By being a leader in our community throughout his life and using his experience as Commissioner, he can help to develop a city that we can all take pride in being a member. We need to come together to build on the city's underdeveloped urban core and capitalize on Augusta's tremendous economic development opportunities.

Matt wants to continue including the people of District One in the process of developing Augusta to its full potential. His goals are to create unity from diversity, to stay focused on the economic growth in our district, and for Augustans to have a positive image of the town we all love.

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